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Hi, my name's Keith Kravitz and I review Hawaii activities. I started doing this year's ago when, as a concierge at one of Waikiki's top resorts, I kept fielding questions from guests about things to do in Oahu.

The most popular inquiry was about Pearl Harbor. Guests told me the sheer volume of tours out there overwhelmed them. And pricing was all over the map. "Who can we trust," they'd ask?

So I did my homework. Know what? My clients were right. It's a frickin' zoo out there! Tour descriptions were inaccurate. The microprint was misleading. Ticket prices made no sense. Through trial and error, I finally found the brokers who put the customer first.

This site is the result of my efforts. Here I post my Top 3 Hawaii activities discounters. My criteria is simple and requires that brokers must:

  • Rep the best Pearl tours
  • Operate safe and secure websites
  • Deliver REAL price discounts

The dust has settled, my friends. Below are the Hawaii discounters that meet my rigourous standards, and it's Paradise Found Tours Oahu that gets my TOP PICK!

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hawaii activities

Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Money Back Guarantee

Hawaii Activities


Hawaii Activities (My #1 Recommendation)

  • The best Pearl Harbor tours
  • The lowest prices
  • Single, group, and corporate bookings are welcome
  • Famous money-back guarantee
  • Secure & safe Internet reservations
  • 5-star customer service

Pearl Harbor Tours are perfect for families, groups, and couples. Book it now at the lowest price possible. Use Hawaii Activities.

First and foremost: Never pay full retail price. This is Hawaii. Lots of people visit us. Competition for your travel dollar is intense. Leverage that.

To get the absolute best deal, use what we here call an activities broker. Not just any broker, though. I've tried them all, and Hawaii Activities is my #1 choice.

These guys have the best selection of brand-name Pearl Harbor Tours. Tour operators here are famous for not budging on price. Except when it comes to Paradise's negotiating power.

I'm fed up with confusing websites. Hawaii Activities is a breath of fresh air. The Pearl Harbor Tours are front and center. The booking page is so simple that my nephew could complete it.

I recommend Hawaii Activities to friends, family, and the island visitors I befriend every day. You, too, can benefit from Hawaii Activities' integrity and dedication to discount Pearl Harbor tours.

Hit the link below and experience the Hawaii Activities difference.

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Testimonial #1:

My son begged me to take him to the site of Pearl Harbor. I'm glad I did. I've never seen him so excited. I knew we were in for a great time when we had to take a boat to the memorial. This "shrine," if you will, is one of the best tributes to our servicemen you'll ever see. If you've never seen a battleship up close, here's your chance. I'm surprised they can float! The Pacific Aviation Museum was fabulous. I'm going to go out on a limb and put it on par with The Smithsonian's. I feel very honored to have visited Pearl Harbor.

Thanks! - Sadie & Bryce Rutger, Denver, CO

Testimonial #2:

Touring Pearl Harbor was incredible. Unreal being at the epicenter of one of modern warfare's most grave attacks. Gave me goose bumps. Take your time in the Memorial and let it all soak in. Back on land we boarded a tour bus and started the "Circle Island" tour, which takes you around the entire island of Oahu. Highlights included the Dole Pineapple Plantation, the Diamond Head crater, and the Halona Blowhole. Hats off to our guide. He made an already great trip even better. Two thumbs up!

Thanks! - Jared & Lisa Banner, Milwaukee, WI

Testimonial #3:

My Pearl Harbor tour exceeded my expectations. Especially the Bowfin submarine. Inside, our guide cut us loose and we had a wonderful time exploring. I can't put my finger on it but it felt monumental standing on the "surrender deck" of the USS Missouri. The staff at the Memorial and the aviation museum is extremely knowledgeable. Where were these guys when I was doing my history homework! Overall, the most satisfying thing I did on my Hawaiian vacation.

Thanks! - Jane, The Katz Family's Mom, Irvine, CA

Testimonial #4:

You can't leave Hawaii without going to Pearl Harbor. The place exudes history. The Arizona Memorial, in particular, records this infamous battle with such dignity and honor. Paradise Found let me extend my trip to include the surreal Dole plantation (they have macadamia nuts there, too), and the incredibly festive Polynesian Cultural Center. Prepare yourself for the most sumptuous feast on Oahu. The hula and Samoan fire-knife dance are also awesome!

Thanks! - Rand & Jessica Sperry, Austin, TX

Testimonial #5:

I searched for the right Pearl Harbor tour until my head swam. Thank you for connecting me with Hawaii Activities. These guys hooked me up with tour called "A Day at Pearl Harbor," and it was exactly what I wanted. I was like a kid in a candy store. Roamed the deck of a battleship. Got to use a periscope. Took a moment of silence at the Memorial. And remembered why I had become a pilot. Heck of tour and would recommend it to anyone. Especially at the price I got if for.

Thanks! - Greg, Sumi, & Lilly Cho, Seattle, WA

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Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Money Back Guarantee

Hawaii Active


Hawaii Active

I'm a big fan of Hawaii Active. They have activities galore. If it can be done on the islands, this company offers it.

However, they stumble a bit on Pearl Harbor Tours, offering only Oahu-based trips. I'm told that PH packages from outlying islands are in the works.

Their prices are great. Their strength is in low-end memorial tours. This is good, but you'll be happier with more full-featured packages.

The site is blazing fast. It's also well organized. The experience reminds me of You shop for one thing, and leave with a full basket.

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